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Hi, I'm Nanna Salmela, the woman behind the camera. I have started going to dog shows and photographing in there already in 2014. In the beginning I took photos of my friends' dogs, along side also showing dogs by myself. For a while my passion to photographing started fading, but after COVID-19 I found my passion again and started to photograph even more in dog shows. Soon I switched showing dogs to photographing and since 2021 I have had my own business around this.
As I have my experience in handling dogs, I can see when the dogs are in their best in photos and I skip the "ugly-ones" straight away, so owners won't need to see even those. I try to get captured the moments and my goal is documentary photoshoots. I'm still finding my very own style, but especially I like to capture the moments in show rings, but I also do the photoshoots outside the rings.
I have had my privilege to be the official photographer in many breed speciality shows in Finland and those are always huge things to me. So many new friends and memories have gathered along side photographing and I'm pleased that I can do things what I love. And for that comes to thanks to my customers!
Web-size images
- 2048px long edge
- 9€/pcs
- 5 pcs package 40€
Full resolution images
- Possible to use for printing, image is in its full resolution after cropping
- 15€/pcs
- 5 pcs package 70€
Full resolution + web size
- 20€
Photo manipulation
- Starting from 5€/photo
Prices include VAT24%
Photos are only for personal use and you are not allowed to edit or use these for commercial without permission.

Event photography
All contracts are personalized for your needs. Prices are starting from 200€ + VAT24% + travel costs.
Nanna Salmela Photography
+358 44 2619111 (WhatsApp)
Nokia, Finland
VAT-number FI32517725
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